SP IMC+ : Personally speaking

IMC + , an event proudly organized by the Singapore Polytechnic’s Year 2 DMC student. One of the highlights of the year to date. It feels so surreal that the event is finally over and we have managed to make it a resounding success. All the hard work for the past 2 months to make this a reality and I’m really glad to be part of it all. Kudos to Year 2 DMC students.

Can’t emphasize how grateful I am to have good friends swinging by SPCC to support me. Vic & his buddies, Kris & her friends, Valerie, Marcus, Jia Wei, Huimin and her friends too. (hope I havent missed out on any names) Too many people to thank. I can’t even…. 

It was definitely tiring but it was worth the while. All the pre event prep work was frustrating, but nothing beats the taste of happiness and satisfaction to see for ourselves how successful this event has become. 

We even managed to get #spimcplus trending.  

Thank You to the registration team. Couldn’t have managed without their help <3 Li Yi, Karen, Nabilah and Zai Liang. 

Adios to excel spreadsheets and eventbrite. But between all the compilation and stress, turns out it dawned on me that excel is a pretty useful tool that I’ve neglected in the past. Evaluation still in progress. Too sick to tabulate more numbers. 

Got myself a goodie bag with tons of awesome freebies from IMC+ sponsors too. Let me dig in… Hmm. $5 marbleslab creamery vouchers, Etude house mask samples, himalayas face wash, the yoghurt place $1 voucher, $10 holland & barrett voucher, miyoc $2 voucher, Mr Bean voucher, SP highlighter and pens, woobbee 1 for 1 voucher and more. Need I say more? Too bad if you miss this. meh, It’s just so possible with SP. 

Just a couple more weeks before Year 2 comes to an end. Let’s end it proper and celebrate. 

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